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Kat Von D’s Hancock Park house is a MUST SEE

Some people have such a specific taste and know exactly how to execute it.  Kat Von D is one of those people.

This Hancock Park house… for starters, it’s stunning. The house, inside and out, is a perfect representation of Victorian style.  Then Kat puts her deliciously devious mark on the home.

The pool is filled with red water.  The home is lined with red carpet, heavy velvet and you legit feel like you’re in Bram Stoker’s house.  A vampire would find great peace in this space.

The main residence offers 12,565 square feet: 11 Bedrooms and 8.5 baths and several of those bedrooms are considered full suites.  It’s like nothing else.

Asking $15,000,000   11 Bedrooms, 8.5 bath, guest house, pool, bar, 12,565 sq ft.