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Pete Davidson and Colin Jost bought a ferry

Feels like the name of musical, but it’s really just another wild idea from SNL actors Pete Davidson and Colin Jost.

Both men hail from Staten Island and both talk about the chances of two Staten Island boys making it all the way to Saturday Night Live is unreal… not to mention Jost is married to Scarlett Johansson and Pete… well Pete has a dating roster like Brad Pitt.

Now they’re embarking on a new dream together. So when a Staten Island ferry, named the John F. Kennedy, which had been retired from service, went up for auction this week, they bought it.

They paid $280,100 in partnership with Manhattan real estate broker and comedy club owner Paul Italia.

Italia told the New York Post they had “grand plans” for the ship. “The idea is to turn the space into a live entertainment event space, with comedy, music, art, et cetera,” he said.

Italia added that plans were in the “early stages,” as the boat needs an overhaul, but the trio did “not [want] to see this thing go to the scrapyard.”

Both men rode that very ferry as kids and were glad they could turn it into a showcase for the arts.