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Amy Schumer is sharing her lipo results for a reason

Funny lady Amy Schumer has always had issues with weight, but more importantly, she’s always had issues with pain and discomfort and that turned out to be from endometriosis.

The condition is serious enough that it led to the removal of her uterus and her appendix.

Couple that with having a child two years ago and Amy decided, for her health and own self satisfaction, that she would get liposuction to help remove some of the fat she was struggling to lose.

In an instagram post she admitted; “Turning 40 all my surgeries I want to feel the best I can about myself,” she wrote. “I got lipo and I had a great experience doing that. I used to be really [judgmental] about people getting work done. Now I’m like, do everything you can to love yourself exactly as you are but once you turn 40 and have a c section do whatever the f—k will make you feel best!”

Now on her most recent IG post she says she’s down to 170 and feels better than she has in ages.

“All my lifelong pain explained and lifted out of my body,” she said in an audio recording posted on her Instagram. “I am already a changed person.”




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