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Jamie Lynn says Britney apologized on the DL

Jamie Lynn claims she wants to make things right with her big sis Britney, but writing a book about the hardship YOU and your family imposed on her is probably not the best way.

And she claims Brit sent her an apology, writing; “In a recent text from my sister, she stated herself: ‘I know it’s not your fault and I’m sorry for being so angry at you. Although I’m your big sister, I need you more than you need me and always have,’”  she wrote in her book “Things I Should Have Said.”

Of course, even if the apology was sent, we don’t know when and what Britney knew about Jamie Lynns role in things.  Not that we, the public, know now.  But I am guessing Brit has a pretty good idea of who to trust over there.  And JL isn’t one.