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Sinead O’Connor hospitalized days after sons death

Grief is such a horrible experience.  One a lot of people don’t think they’ll survive.  Which seems to be where Sinead finds herself after suffering through a mothers worst nightmare, losing her son to suicide.

Last week Sinead’s 17 year old son Shane took his own life when he evaded hospital employees who had him on suicide watch.

Last night Sinead frightened fans on twitter when she wrote; “I’ve decided to follow my son. There is no point living without him.  God made me wrong. So I’m sending myself back and I’m finding the only person on this earth who ever truly loved me,” she wrote of her son.

Which led to police being called and Sinead deleting the text and following it up with a much more reassuring post:

My heart goes out to Sinead. This type of thing brings with it so much pain and guilt. And it radiates to those around it.  If you feel depressed or suicidal you have to think of those who love you and at least attempt to get the help available to you. Please.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish.