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Kanye Says he’s meeting with Putin about Russian church services

The level of ‘not right’ that Ye is at is almost new territory.  His grandiosity combined with his connections makes him a special kind of spectacle.  And I know, I know, he’s mentally ill. I myself suffer from two forms of mental illness.  But I’m sorry. If I scene is made, I’m watching and I’m commenting.

It started when said that West was planning a trip to Moscow this year where he wouldn’t just host a Sunday Service performance and talk business, but potentially meet with President Vladimir Putin.

It seems his connections in Red Square are a Russian billionaire named Aras Agalarov and his son Emin, who is a pop star there.  Didn’t actually know they had pop music there.

Some Russian sources say the trip isn’t happening, but then reps for Agalarov says they are indeed talking about when to make it happen.

Either way, word is Ye plans to invite Putin to his show. And considering Kanye was pro Trump and so was Putin, I bet he accepts the invite!