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Olivia Munn shares adorable pic of baby Malcolm Hi?p Mulaney

I will never understand why a woman who is not married would give their baby the last name of the father.  That’s not shitting on fathers, but she did all the work and will likely do most of the raising. She should get to do the branding too.

But I digress…  This new years day Olivia Munn took to her Instagram (as all new moms do) to share a picture of herself laying with newly born son, Malcolm Hi?p Mulaney.

Her son’s name honors his Vietnamese culture.  Munn’s mother — who is of Sino-Vietnamese ancestry — arrived to the United States as a Vietnamese refugee after the Vietnam War ended in 1975. Now, in 2021, Mulaney and Munn’s son, Malcolm Hi?p Mulaney, carries his cultural legacy through his name. In Vietnamese, “Hi?p” most commonly means either “warrior,” “to unite,” or “to come together.”

The little guy is so cute!!!!


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