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Jake Paul says he’ll leave boxing if his demands are met

If you know me you know I loathe the Paul brothers, Jake and Logan.  They’re misogynistic meat heads that give millennials a bad name.  But god help me if Jake Paul isn’t out here making me proud right now.

Dana White is the president of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting) and has been trying to get Jake Paul to leave boxing, something he’s done extremely well at, to fight his UFC champs.  Paul said he’ll gladly do that IF White can agree to some terms.  Those terms are essential to recognizing UFC fighters as working men and women who deserve to be paid and cared for as any employee would be.

“I will immediately retire from boxing and fight Jorge Masvidal in the UFC if you agree to:

“1) Increase [minimum] fighter pay per fight to $50k (it’s $12k now).

“2) Guarantee UFC fighters 50% of UFC annual revenues ($1bn in 2021).

“3) Provide long term healthcare to all fighters (you previously said brain damage is part of the gig… imagine the NFL said that). There are many UFC alums who have publicly said they are suffering from brain damage.

“You have 5 days to accept and to implement the above by March 31, 2022. Once implemented I will immediately retire from boxing, enter USADA [United States Anti-Doping Agency] and agree to a 1 fight deal with UFC to fight weak chin Jorge.”

“To all UFC fighters – time to take a stand and create value for yourselves and peers. You deserve higher pay, you deserve long term healthcare and above all you deserve freedom.

“Support each other. I am not your enemy, I am your advocate… who selfishly wants to KO a few of you to make some big bank.”

This is a legit call to fairness and decency in the world of UFC.   It’s something Pro Wrestlers (Like the WWE) have been fighting for for decades and STILL haven’t been able to achieve.

So honestly, hats off Mr Paul.