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Liam Gallagher comments on cover band trapped in pub

I know. That headline is a mess. There’s just no good way to say this in a title.  In the UK there’s an Oasis cover band named Noasis.  Clever.

On Friday night, folks came out to the Tan Hill Inn, a remote bar near Yorkshire Dales National Park in northern England, to hear the knock off band perform.  Then the snow came.

Snow piled up fast and the band and everyone in the bar were ordered to stay put.  TILL MONDAY.

I hear they passed the time watching movies, playing games and singing karaoke.  Excuse me? Would I really have been the only person drunk the whole time?

Rescuers came Monday evening and got everyone out safely, but what would the real Oasis think?

Someone asked Liam Gallagher and he said “I’m Jealous”.  What a rock star.


The Inn itself put out a sweet message after the gang all got rescued. I hope they all come back a year from now and reunite!