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Elton John Calls Ed Sheeran Every Morning

Ed Sheeran has been quarentining ever since he learned last week he has Covid.  So he appeared virtually on Apple Music’s “First Listen” livestream event to talk about his new album, “=”.

While chatting he said he thinks people don’t really understand just how often Elton calls him.

“I think people think I’m exaggerating and lying when I say he calls every day,” Sheeran told host Zane Lowe. “He calls me every single morning. Even if it’s like 10 seconds, every single morning he calls.”

Describing the music legend as “such a caring human,” the “Shivers” singer said the tradition first began when his friend and mentor Michael Gudinski died in March.

“When Michael passed away, he rung me the day after to check how I was, and I really wasn’t good,” he said of John. “And then just from that point he’s literally ringing me every single day.”

Sheeran added that his 1-year-old daughter Lyra, whom he shares with wife Cherry Seaborn, also participates in the morning chats.

“I am feeding porridge to Lyra in the morning, I get a call from Elton, and it’s ‘Lyra, say hi to Elton,’ ” he said. “It’s just become a daily thing and there’s not many people in my life like that and I really, really appreciate him.”

So sweet.



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