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Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum confirm relationship

I found this pairing to be an odd one, though I guess I can’t claim to know anything about either of them.

But this weekend we got a treat when a new couple confirmed itself as Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum were seeing holding hands and strolling along New York City.

The balmy 70 degree weather didn’t stop them from bundling up. Zoe had a wool hat on and a long trench, while Tatum was in a sweatshirt and the two squeezed together for warmth.

A friend said last month that the couple “continue to be inseparable” during their city outings. “They spent the weekend in N.Y.C., strolled around the city, met up with friends and visited the Guggenheim Museum,” the source said. “They looked very happy. They have this cute and flirty chemistry.”

Congrats on your weird love.