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Freida Pinto Reveals She Eloped with Fiancé During Lockdown

On yesterday’s Kelly Clarkson Show, actress Freida Pinto made a surprise announcement. She’s married!

The Slumdog Millionairestar, 37, revealed that she and her husband, photographer Cory Tran, married during their quarantine.

And they married by eloping to, of all places, at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

“We’re already married! It’s a very romantic story if you must know,” she said, laughing. “When we got engaged we thought we’d have this most magical wedding.”

She continued, “But then COVID happened and it’s still happening and we just realized we’d be planning this for the rest of our lives and never doing it. So we decided one day to go to the Honda Center in Anaheim [California]. Honestly, I have to say if any of you have planned a wedding, you probably know this, I do not want stomach ulcers from planning my own wedding.”

“This was perfect,” Pinto said. “It was absolutely perfect. We got married and then we got to go home and take an afternoon nap.”

Freida never explained WHY they got married at the arena, but she sure sounds super happy with her decision.  Congrats!!

Side note: Cory is a stone cold fox. You go girl.