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Doc claims Prince Rainier wanted Marilyn Monroe for his wife

Boy, they will just never let this poor woman rest.  A new documentary, which is actually more about Monaco’s Prince Rainier than it is Marilyn, will start streaming on Curiosity Stream starting Thursday.

So the doc claims that just after World War II, Prince Rainier of Monaco was about to lose his crown due to financial troubles and lack of tourism.  The Prince had no heirs and was unmarried, which also seemed to affect the stability of things.

“The stakes couldn’t be higher — Monaco is under threat. It could collapse, and Rainier has to save it,” royal historian Kate Williams added.

His “people” hatched a plan that he should marry a Hollywood starlet to generate interest in the country and restore tourism.

At the time there was no greater star than Marilyn and so she was chosen to be sought after.  But Marilyn (who would have LOVED being a princess) was too much of a sex symbol and was therefore replaced by the more sophisticated Grace Kelly.

During a trip to the Cannes Film Festival (which is held like right next from Monaco in Nice, France) she was invited to Rainiers castle to do a photo shoot for a Parisian magazine.

“During this photoshoot, you really see how Rainier is entranced by Grace, and really, I think, he falls in love with her on a personal level — but he also sees her as the answer to so many of his problems,” Williams added.

All six episodes of Royals: Keeping the Crown debut on Curiosity Stream Thursday at 9 a.m. ET.

Prince Rainier meeting Grace Kelly in his palace.