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Britney’s dad tried to ‘cure’ her with religion

 (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)

The born again often think the bible can ‘cure’ people of illness or even sexual orientation. Neither is true.  But that didn’t stop Jamie Spears from attempting to force his daughter to scripture to cure her mental illness.

According to TMZ, Brits dad leaned on now-embattled business manager Lou Taylor, who was also a “fervent born-again Christian,” for help.

They forbid her from reading anything other than religious material, according to a report Wednesday.

For the first year, the trio “literally walked around with the Bible in hand, proselytizing the word of God,” TMZ said, citing sources.

During a 2008 interview on Today Show, Taylor said Jamie was each day “asking the Lord to give him the strength” and that Lynne was also “asking every day for God to give her strength.”

So now we know why zero progress was made and why Brit never received the proper help she needed so desperately.