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Shannen Doherty wins $6.3m in damages over fire


In 2018 the Woolsey Fire in Malibu California destroyed hundreds of acres of trees and ravished homes in the tony area.  Shannon Doherty’s home was one of those.

After the fire and after her insurance company, State Farm, handled the clean-up of the property, Shannon realized things were not at all handled properly.

Shannon accused State Farm of not adequately removing harmful soot, char and ash particles in and around her home after it was damaged by a wildfire, according to her lead counsel.

On Monday a jury agreed with the actress and awarded her $6,346,000 in damages.

‘We thank the members of the jury for their thoughtful consideration of Shannen’s case,’ she said via her lead attorney Devin McRae.

‘We are happy they saw the case the way we do. This should send a message to State Farm and other institutions that they should not forget they are dealing with human beings,’ McRae continued.

The court case was contentious at times with State Farm accusing Shannon of trying to play the sympathy card, regarding her stage IV cancer diagnosis.  That would be about all I had to hear to award someone the money.  How dare they even suggest such a thing.

Shannons malibu home