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Neil Patrick Harris started free newsletter of his experiences

NPH as Doogie Howser in 1989.

NPH, aka, Neil Patrick Harris, has lived 48 years.  Forty of them spent in the magical world of theater, tv, movies… just the whole entertainment world.  And now he’s ready to share those experiences with all of you. (us)

“I’m 48 years old and I’ve spent a better part of my life getting to fill a bucket with a very long list of random and disparate things that I like,” the father of two tells PEOPLE. “I thought it would be great to have a single place to recommend things, to discuss things and to sort of be PT Barnum and have people ‘step right up,’ and shine a spotlight on the random things that I enjoy.”

The publication will be called Wondercade and will be both curated and written by Harris for the love of his fans.

Designed with the mission statement that “life should be entertaining,” Wondercade will be a weekly newsletter emailed to subscribers sharing Harris’s favorite recipes; travel hotspots; art, film and music recommendations; no-fail gift ideas and more.

“I chose the name Wondercade because it felt like a circus had come to town. And you have to give your tickets and then a barker is standing out, which is me, and I’m telling you all of the cool things inside and you pay your admission and I pull back the curtain and you walk inside and get to see cool stuff,” he says with a laugh.

“But, thankfully, the admission is free,” he continues, “and your ticket is your email address.”

Subscribe to Wondercade now at The debut newsletter will launch on Wednesday, October 6th, with weekly installments sent every Wednesday afternoon.