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John Lennon interview tape fetches $58,240 at auction

I love when really cool things hit the auction block.  Last week Johnny Ramones guitar went for over $900,000 at an auction and now the great John Lennon!

The item in question was a cassette tape with a 33-minute audio recording of John Lennon being interviewed by four Danish teenagers 51 years ago.

There was also apparently an unpublished song by Lennon on the tape.  A song called “Radio Peace,” which was made for a radio station in the Netherlands but never released.

The tape, recorded on Jan. 5, 1970, chiefly consists of Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, speaking about being in Denmark and world peace. The cassette was put up for sale by Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneer in Copenhagen, together with 29 still photos and a copy of the school newspaper for which the teenagers had interviewed Lennon and Ono.