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Dina Lohan going to jail for DUI

Lindsay Lohan and her fam haven’t been making many headlines lately, but this is definitely not how you want to come back into the spotlight.

Dina Lohan, 59, was said to be driving in Nassau County NY back in January 2020 when she not only hit a car, but then fled the scene.

The driver of the other car followed Lohan to her home where she was met by 5 police cars.  Reports say she refused to take a blood-alcohol test.

The victim said Dina had booze on her breath, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech when she was busted. Upon getting out of her vehicle, Dina was also “unsteady on her feet and fell to the ground on her face,” the complaint says.

She plead guilty in court this week and was sentenced to 18 days in jail and 5 years probation.  This is her second DUI.