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Kim Wore a Wedding Dress to Kanye’s Album Drop

This couple, ex couple, whatever, just get stranger and stranger to me.

Everyone knows Kanye was releasing his album to a massive crowd last night at Soldier Field in Chicago. And most of us assumed all the Kardashians, but most certainly Kim, would be there to support her ex husband.  But this was more than we were expecting.

The reality star wore a Balenciaga Couture dress while walking out onto the stage for the final song of the show, No Child Left Behind, which caused a frenzy at the stadium.

Despite the appearance, insiders say Kim and Kanye are not back together, however are forever family, according to TMZ .

But the pictures are worth gawking at.


The show also featured appearances by DaBaby and Marilyn Manson.  Both of whom are mired in contraversy.  DaBaby recently talked smack on the gays and Manson is being accused of serious abuse by multiple ex girlfriends.