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ARod’s pettiness is palpable in new IG post

Unless you’ve been (understandably) in your bunker with no access to the internet (crappy bunker?) you know that the break up of Arod and Jlo and the subsequent reunion of Ben and JLo, is everywhere.

At times ARod was mere meters from his ex beloved when his yacht was parked near her and Bens in the Mediterranean.

And while JLo has made every effort to show how well she’s moved on, with BEN necklaces and countless PDA moments all over Europe and LA.  It’s ARod with the one two punch today.

The Baseball legend took to instagram last night to show himself posing with three luxury cars and the caption, “I’m super down to earth”.

Now, aside from being elitist and smug (which these 3 had surpassed ages ago) there’s something more. The red porsche Alex is leaning on was the one he once gifted to JLo for her 50th birthday!

This certainly wont win her back. After all she afford a fleet of race cars if she wants them. But there’s no doubt in my mind this was intentional.  And deliciously petty.



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For reference, here’s JLo with the car when she got it in 2019.