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Chet Hanks signs to Soulja Boy’s rap label

Chet Hanks, who so far has no other redeeming qualities other than direct access to his father Tom, has signed an undisclosed deal with Soulja Boy’s rap label, SODMG Records.

It was only last week that Chet took to social media to denounce the Covid Vaccine and poke fun at those who have gotten it.

“there’s more evidence of UFOs being real than that vaccine being healthy for you, just saying.” Chet said in a video.  “Aliens are out there, ready for y’all to come get me, let’s get the f***k out of here! Or do I have to show you my vaccine papers?”

That didn’t stop Soulja from joyfully announcing the deal.

‘Chet Hanks, my new artist signed to SODMG Records as the first rapper signed this year. We are about to make history, you know what I’m sayin’!?’ exclaimed Soulja Boy, who shared a video of himself and Chet to Instagram.

This should be interesting.



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