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Julie Bowen helps save woman ill while hiking

You know Julie Bowen as the perfectionist mother on the mega hit Modern Family, but one hiker from New Jersey now sees her more as a gaurdian angel after a hot day in Arches National Park.

Minnie John was hiking in the Utah park when she became light headed and fell.  “I bent forward into my knees and was holding my head. That’s all I remember,” the Oradell woman told

She says when she woke up, Julie Bowen and another woman were tending to her.  Luckily that other woman was Julies sister Annie Luetkemeyer, a doctor specializing in infectious diseases.

While Luetkemeyer bandaged John’s nose, Bowen assured her that help was on the way.

“I kept hearing Julie talking and directing other people, telling me I was going to be okay,” John told the outlet. “My eyes are focusing on Julie and I kept saying ‘Are you sure I don’t know you?’”

John said that the actress took her hair down and shook it out to give her a hint.

“Can you guess?” Bowen said, according to John.

“I wasn’t even lying there. They saw me fall and they immediately got to me and they took care of me,” John said.