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Dr Dre’s daughter says she is homeless

So imagine your father is worth a reported $800,000,000 and you’re running meals for Door Dash and living in your rental car.

These are the claims made by LaTonya Young, 38, who is the eldest child of mega star Dr Dre.

Dr Dre had LaTonya in 1983 when he was only 17 and her mother, Lisa Johnson, was just 15 years old. According to LaTonya, she stopped seeing her father when she was 5 and has only been in contact with him via his management since.

Now I realize Dre doesn’t owe his adult daughter anything, financially, but you can’t tell me at age 5 she did something that justified alienation.

LaTonya says she is renting her car and hasn’t made payments in weeks, so it’s likely going to be taken away.

She works several jobs including a couple of delivery services and as an assembler in a warehouse.  Her 3 children (Dre’s grandchildren) are staying with friends while their mother tries to get her head above water and make a life for them.

I think her reason for coming out to the press is pretty clear. She’s hoping for some help from dad. I personally support that move and think Dre, if only for his grandkids, would break off a few grand to help her get to a better place.