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John Corbett secretly wed Bo Derek

John Corbett broke some pretty cool news this week.   He and girlfriend of TWENTY years, Bo Derek, finally made it official!

Bo Derek, for those of you under 25, was the original it girl.  Guys wanted to be with her, girls wanted to be her.  But turned away from the spotlight by the early 90’s after doing Chris Farley’s Tommy Boy.

Now John Corbett, who was visiting his friend Jerry O’Connell on ‘The Talk’, says the pair married around Christmas.

“Jerry, I can’t believe that I forgot to tell ya that, around Christmastime, we got married!” Corbett said. “Bo and I got married.”

O’Connell had been wondering if something was up with Corbett, because of a new piece of jewelry he was sporting.

“I noticed your ring, and I was gonna say something, but not on live television,” O’Connell said. “But wow! Congratulations!”

Corbett noted that he and Derek, who met on a blind date in 2002, are “pretty private,” although they’d already told their friends and family members.

“This is the first time either one of us has said anything publicly about it because, really, we haven’t had an opportunity,” Corbett said, “so you’re my buddy, and now I guess I’m telling, you know, all of America or the world. And, yeah, after 20 years we decided to get married. We didn’t want 2020 to be that thing that everybody looks back at and hated. We thought, ‘Well, let’s get one nice thing out of it,’ so we did it around Christmas.”