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Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes on set of film

Amanda on the left, Elizabeth on the right.

If you’re not familiar with Elizabeth Holmes I can give you the 15 second rundown.

Elizabeth was considered a prodigy.  A genius.  She was founder of Theranos, a bio tech company that had claimed to have revolutionized blood testing.

In short time she and her company were valued at billions of dollars.  Till it was discovered she had been making the entire thing up.

There not only wasn’t breakthrough testing going on, but there weren’t scientists there doing anything.

Naturally, the company immediately imploded and criminal charges were filed against Lizzy.

Now there’s a film coming out about her rise and fall and Amanda Seyfried is starring as the disgraced ex-CEO.

The film is called The Dropout and will stream on Hulu this fall.



Photo cred: P&P Mega via Page Six