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LaVar Burtons daughter watchin Jeopardy with dad

It’s just such a sweet moment I had to share it.

On Monday night LaVar Burton began his stint as guest host on Jeopardy.  An honor he says he’s always dreamed of.  “Everything that I’m about is in the same vein as Jeopardy!,” he told Esquire magazine. “The idea of education being a value or a principle and that education should be available to everyone. We take that nightly quiz and test ourselves against those champions, and we play the game as a nation every night. The things that I’ve done in terms of using the medium of television to do more than simply entertain — bringing a little more to the table to educate, inform, enlighten, uplift … Jeopardy! does those things too.”

So when the episode finally aired on Monday night, he sat down with his family to enjoy the big moment.

His daughter, Mica, took video to document the occasion and joked about the actor being both on screen and live in the home.  The show is pretaped, making his presence possible, of course.