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Angelina wont wine with Brad anymore

The pairing of Brad and Angelina brought together many things.  A brood of children, a French chateau, and a vineyard that produces mediocre wine.  Guess which she’s totally over?

Angie wasted no time filing a petition in LA asking for the removal of a temporary restraining order on their assets thats been on since she filed for divorce in 2016.

Jolie reportedly wants to offload Nouvel LLC, her wine company with ties to the French vineyard she and Pitt purchased in 2011, called Chateau Miraval. She reportedly acquired Nouvel prior to her 2014 marriage to Pitt.

She reportedly has a buyer interested in scooping up her share of the business, which is why she wants the freeze on their assets lifted, TMZ reported.

Angie is still insanely butt hurt that Brad won joint custody of his kids.  But he lives directly behind her in LA.  It’s not like he runs them home to Montana when he gets them.