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Sharon Stone shares hot girl summer with 25 year old rapper

real photo of sharon stone and RMR

Sharon Stone’s level of sexy can’t be defined by age.  Which explains why she’s spending much of her summer nights with a man more than half her age!

RMR, pronounced Rumour, is a 25 year old rapper that the 63 year old actress has been seen with a number of times now, partying it up at a number of clubs, including Delilah and The Highlight Room in Los Angeles, with a source claiming the pair were seen “canoodling and popping bottles.”

One source said “They were dancing to hip-hop. Chris Brown was also there.”  – uh oh girl, don’t go that route.  You better than that.

The source added that the anonymous rap star “respects her and thinks she’s cool as f—.”

The pair have posed for a series of snaps together, including one of RMR and the Basic Instinct star donning ski masks, one of his signature disguises.  “They’re enjoying each other’s company right now and hanging out,” the source continued. “They’re having a great time together. They’re on the same frequency and it’s a very unique friendship.”

News of Stone and RMR’s alleged romance comes after the Casino star confessed last year that she was over dating, following her account on the dating app Bumble being blocked because the company thought she was a fake. Ha. I love that.