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Kid Rock yells homophobic slurs into crowd at show

Kid Rock yelling to a fans camera on June 5th in Tennessee

Kid Rock has always been clear that he likes his backwoods ways and he ain’t changing for no one.  I see that still stands.

At a June 5th show at a bar in Tennesse, Kid Rock got pissed off at a couple of onlookers who were filming his performance.

I know a lot of performers get upset by this because they don’t feel like the audience member is getting the full effect of the performance, but that’s not really up to them, is it?   If you want to ban camera’s that’s one thing, but I don’t know how many people part with their phone to watch some Ted Nugent knock off.

But I digress.

So at seeing the people filming, Kid Rock lost it  looked into one fan’s phone as they filmed him and yelled, “F–k your iPhone, yeah!” TMZ reports.

Pivoting his ire to the crowd at large then dropped the slur, shouting, “You f–king f—-ts with your iPhones out!!!”

Same old loser.