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Matthew Perry leaves Cameo after ‘slurred speech’ complaints


This weekend in the US we celebrate the brave men and women who gave their lives fighting for this country.  It’s also the ‘Friends’ Reunion.  Put those in what order works for you.

So just ahead of the big HBO reunion special, Matthew Perry, who plays Chandler, duh, has shuttered his Cameo account.  Cameo is a website where mostly D List and below stars make video messages for fans…. for a price, of course.  (Matthews is $999)

So the first question begs… why is Matthew doing this shit anyway?  Dude made $1m an episode for a few seasons. And he’s so “above” all that, I would have thought.

The second things is … and I’m clearly the only one… I didn’t think his “slurring” was that bad. I mean in the grand scheme of things.

Never the less, he seemed to think he couldn’t handle the pressure of wishing someone’s aunt Ginny a happy birthday with the whole world questioning his sobriety.  I really hope he is well. Seriously.

The Friends Reunion is this Friday on HBO. Check listings.