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“Charlie Bit My Finger” NFT fetches $750k!

I have to assume we all remember the exciting comedy team Harry and Charlie.  The two lads from England that went hyper viral back in 2007 when their dad uploaded a 55-second video of the boys to YouTube.

At the time Harry and Charlie were 3 and 1, respectively, when Brilliant brother Harry stuck his finger in his baby brothers mouth. Charlie bit his finger. So Harry put it back in his mouth and he bit it again and Harry screamed and complained “Charlie bit my finger!” and history was made.  Meme history, at least.

And yesterday, the videos fame was further inflated when Charlie Bit My Finger was auctioned off as a ‘non-fungible token’ (NFT) — a unit of digital data that is a unique fingerprint of the video.

Hold on to your pants for this… it sold for $759,000!!  Yea. Suck on that, “America’s Funniest Videos”.

NFT’s are the new rage in confusing shit to over spend on.  Consider finding your best footage and selling it on

btw, the boys are 17 and 15 now and likely delighting in their fame.  Here’s a pic.  Original video is below.