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Jessica Alba admits she cried when daughter walking in on sex

I love this story because I think a LOT of us have been on one side or the other of this most awful of moments.  For me I was 7 and walked in on mine. I legit can’t even discuss it because my suppressive skills are so fierce.  Lets just say dad rolled off the bed and I high tailed it out of there.

For Jessica Alba, she was on the end of the parent along with her hubby, Cash Warren.  The child? Jess and Cash’s 9 year old daughter, Haven.

Jessica discussed the moment on her YouTube show Getting Honest. saying she cried in the moment.

But Cash seemed to have a more humorous recollection saying, “We like spent five minutes in our bedroom laughing. And being like, ‘I can’t believe we just ruined our daughter, we just ruined her.’ ”

Jessica said she called Cash’s sister Koa for advice, but Haven had already reached out to her!  They went downstairs to speak to her.

“I think by the time we called Koa, Haven had already texted her,” Jess adds. “She went right in and told everyone.”

“I went downstairs and said, ‘Haven, I bet that’s the last time you walk into our room without knocking,’ ” Warren says with a laugh. “Now she knocks, it was like she learned her lesson.”