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Ellen admits to driving Portia to the hospital while high

So there’s been some discussion online about a story Ellen told on Jimmy Kimmel this week.  And I really need to weigh in.

Ellen told about a night when she was chillin’ drinking Cann’s.  Cann’s are THC infused tonic drinks that Ellen says comedian Chelsea Handler had told her about.   So far I’m all on board.

Ellen had 3 of these tonics and then added two melatonin to the mix.  If you don’t know, melatonin is an over the counter all natural sleep aid that packs a punch, depending on the amount and your tolerance.

At this point she gets in bed and realizes wife Portia isn’t in bed with her.   She goes and finds Portia on the floor of the bathroom writhing in pain.  Like the good wife she is, she races her to the hospital in time for an emergency appendectomy.  (had her appendix out)

All of this is great except Ellen is high like a mofo driving around Montecito.  I am sooooo aggravated by people who don’t understand that being stoned is just as dangerous behind the wheel as being drunk.  It’s all about reflexes and paying attention.

As you can imagine, Ellen has caught some backlash for this as she seems to catch for most things these days.  But I agree in this case.  Ellen should have called for help and left her stoned ass in bed.