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Tom Hanks son Chet beat up by ex girlfriend

Chet and Kiana, image credit: TMZ

You may remember Chet Hanks, son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, as the troubled lad who wanted to be a rapper and acted like a total fool in the process.

Now he’s returned to the spotlight in a riveting piece of video and a game of he said she said.

Chet is seen in a video obtained by TMZ arguing with his ex girlfriend, Kiana Parker, accusing her of stealing his money and charging her rent to his credit cards.

In the clip, Parker is heard yelling “Shit” before lunging at Chet with a pot of some kind and then it cuts to black.  Chet then returns to camera revealing a bloody head.

Parker, who appears with other people, can then be seen screaming that he “pushed” her.

“Wow, now you’re trying to flip the story,” Chet says.

The incident took place at Hanks’ house in Sugarland, Texas, on Jan. 8, according to an affidavit.  Parker called the police to file a report and received an incident number.

He subsequently sued her for assault and battery, theft and return of the money she allegedly stole from him, according to TMZ.  What a shit show.