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Gaga’s dog walker has part of his lung removed after shooting

The horrible dog napping and attempted murder story of Lady Gaga’s devoted dog walker, Ryan Fischer, continues to get worse before it gets better.

The brave dude who took a bullet while walking Gaga’s dogs last month in an apparent attempted abduction of her 3 dogs, has had to have part of his lung removed.

Ryan took to IG this week to update everyone on the progress he’s made, saying “Recovery isn’t a straight line”.

He was initially released from the hospital only to be readmitted when his lung wasn’t healing properly.

He’s since had surgery to “remove portions of my lung,” as it wasn’t healing on its own, and he’s now recovering from that as well as the “emotional trauma” of being shot and left for dead.

“In days I had gone from bleeding out on a sidewalk, to overly-active ICU patient (which they were VERY not used to), to just waiting for my lung to heal so I could go home: everything appeared quite straight-forward.”

You can see his video and read his whole statement below.  STAY STRONG!!



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