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Brook Sheilds shares candid photos from surgery recovery

Back in January of this year, Brook Sheilds was at her New York City gym using the ironically named balance board. Last week she told that she soon lost her balance, flew up into the air and crashed hard on the floor.  Resulting in a horribly broken Femur.

Brook was immediately taken to a hospital where she was rushed into surgery to place two metal rods in her leg.  She said she was “so afraid I was paralyzed.”

Soon after she would need a second surgery after a broken part of her right femur popped out, and got five more rods and a metal plate to anchor it in place.  I’m sorry… POPPED OUT? I would be ded.  You would have had to place me in a medically induced coma.

The 55-year-old actress gave fans a glimpse of her lengthy hospital stay on Instagram, sharing several photos in a “flashback Friday” post.

“I’ve come a long way since this, but the journey is just beginning,” she captioned the post, which included pictures of her heavily-bandaged arm and right leg, a selfie with multiple chest monitors and a photo of her sitting with a walker while hooked up to medical machines.  I’ve been there. This is a horrible feeling. Most of those monitors all do the same thing, but the overkill of equipment can be very daunting.



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