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CBS investigating trouble on ‘The Talk’ – Show goes on hiatus

As with every single media outlet in the free world, CBS’s ‘The Talk’ spent a lot of last week discussing the Meghan Markle/Prince Harry interview with Oprah.   I couldn’t tell you what was said on Monday or Tuesday, but on Wednesday things got heated.

What had happened was British news gargoyle, Piers Morgan, walked off his TV show in the UK and was later let go.  The cause was Piers’ disgusting assertion that Meghan Markles claims of being suicide were nothing more than lies for attention.  A claim that’s not only incredibly insulting to Markle, but just so socially irresponsible when so many suffer from severe depression

and fear seeking help.

Sharon Osbourne, one of the women who talk on The Talk, tweeted out her support for Piers and his right to say what he wants.  She did so as a friend and as a colleague.

The backlash from her coworkers was clear on Wednesdays show. So much so it’s the only episode CBS hasn’t put online.  Now an investigation is afoot and the show has been canceled for Monday, March 15, and Tuesday, March 16, Deadline has learned.

“We are committed to a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace,” CBS said in a statement Friday night. “All matters related to the Wednesday episode of The Talk are currently under internal review.”

Hmmm… who is complaining to who.  I know Sharon claims she was blindsided by the fight.  So is she the complainant?  We shall see.