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Meghan Markles dad to appear on British TV Tuesday

Think what you want about Meghan Markle, you have to agree that her father and half sister are gross. Like way gross.  So much so that Meghan says her adult half sister never used the name “Markle” till she began dating Harry. And dad’s betrayal in giving private letter to the cruel Brit tabloids was the ultimate.

Now the man who sold out his daughter is doing it again.  He’s talking to British tabloid king, Piers Morgan today to respond to her allegations that he lied to her about selling their dirty laundry to the press.

Piers is no fan of Meghan’s, and by proxy, Harry.  He called their interview “disingenuous” and “an appalling series of smears against the Royal family”.

Well duh.

Now Pierce is going to talk to the man who knows the least about who Meghan is today, her dad.

Expect this interview to lag in the headlines for weeks.  And then hopefully we’ll only hear of the ex Duke and Dutchess in the adding credits of various Netflix programs.