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You can now buy the very first tweet ever twitted

You may have heard people talking about NFT’s, Non-fungible token, and wondered WTFT, or What the fuck is that?

Fungible just means something can be replaced by another identical version of it.   The token part is where it gets sticky.  People creating digital content, like meme’s, gifs or just this very text I’m typing here, can offer up their content as an irreplaceable digital token that only the buyer would then own.

Why? You ask? Because people just love to spend money.  No, because it’s a unique purchase that is new and therefor exciting to people.  But there’s money to be made.

Website Valuables is selling the first tweet ever sent out back in 2006.  The tweet was sent by Twitter creator Jack Dorsey and read “Just setting up my twttr”.    “Like an autograph on a baseball card, the NFT itself is the creator’s autograph on the content, making it scarce, unique and valuable,” the site says.  If you say so.

Anyone can put their public tweets up for sale using Valuables, and 95 percent of the money made will go to the tweet’s original creator, while the rest goes to the company.   It’s kind of fascinating to scroll through.

Oh and that very first tweet?   The highest bid as of now is $2,500,000.   Now go make some tweets to sell.