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Wonder Years reboot casts mom for new version

Saycon Sengbloh may not be a recognizable name to you, but it probably will be.   She’s been cast to play the mom on ABC’s reboot of “Wonder Years”.

The tv show is a lifelong favorite of so many gen xers that ABC is banking they’ll all tune in for the retelling of the classic show.

This time, WY follows the Williams family.  A black middle-class family navigating the turbulent 1960’s.  The same era the original took place, only the Williams’ will live in Montgomery, Alabama.  Which should make for some really though provoking tv.

Fred Savage, who starred in the OG version, is directing and producing.

Sengbloh will play Lillian Williams.   Lillian is a confident, kind and perceptive woman with a good sense of humor.

In the 1988-93 ABC series, the mom, Norma Arnold, was played by Allison Mills.