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Khloe Kardashian sparks engagement rumors

I can not stand the fact that I am falling for this nonsense and passing this information on to you all.  But there may actually be a story in this mess, so here we go.

Anyone who pays even a little attention to the Kardashian’s knows that Khloe and her baby daddy, Tristan, have been essentially living together for the last year and even before that they were pretty damn close for someone who cheated on her multiple times.  But they share a child together and that’s bridges a lot of grief.

And as time went on, rumors would always stir that there were reconciliations and even full on reuniting.  But it was always denied.

Now we have this. An image that Khloe shared on her IG Sunday of hand on her exposed ass wearing a rock that could signal ships at sea.  Of course the post was just an ad for her “Good American” apparel line and its soon to be released shoes.  So you can certainly understand why she would bait us with a ring. But is it just a good time to trick us or a good time to tell us all something?



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