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Angelina Jolie auctioning painting by Churchill

This painting has a pedigree like no other.

Sir Winston Churchill painted this impressive Moroccan landscape, called ‘Tower of the Koutoubia Mosque’, during the Second World War.

What’s more, he gifted the painting to none other than President Franklin D Roosevelt.

The artwork was sold by Roosevelt’s son Elliot after his death in 1945 and had several owners before Miss Jolie and her then-partner Brad Pitt bought it in 2011.

Churchill painted it in Marrakech after the Casablanca conference in 1943, where it was agreed by the Allied forces that only complete surrender by the Axis powers would be acceptable.  He would later give it to Roosevelt to commemorate their time there.

It’s really just a storied piece of history.  The auction estimates range from $2.5 to $4 million, but as usual, I think it will go for more.

Winston painting at home