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Bridgerton and The Crown fight for film localations!

Impressive: Wilton House (pictured) was used as Buckingham Palace in The Crown and for four locations in Bridgerton, including as the exterior of the Duke of Hasting’s abode and the interior of his marital residence with Daphne, Clyvedon

I found this to be a delightful dilemma.  The two hot period piece shows burning up Netflix are having a hard time finding filming locations because “there are only so many castles to film in”.

The two have already used the same locations, including Somerley Estate in Hampshire and Wilton House in Wiltshire.

However, a source has now told The Sun that scheduling for the upcoming seasons of the series’ could be tight with them both wanting to shoot at the same places.

They said: ‘Given these two feature similar backdrops, it was only time before they ended up treading on the other’s toes.

‘But Netflix will be sure everything is sorted as the last thing anyone needs are more delays.’

‘There are only so many stately homes that work for filming. It’s a real headache.’

The source added that it will be the shows’ production companies call when the cast are called in to film and to decide the scheduling.