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The Night Court Sequel you didn’t know you wanted

Night Court was top shelf funny when it was in it’s heyday back in the 80’s.  The funny Judge Harry Stone seeing the misfits of the night in his all jokes, no waiting court room.

Attorney’s represented the hooligans and the city and representing the prosecution was Dan Fielding. The sex obsessed snob that was played perfectly by John Larroquette.  Think Simon Cowel if he had the brains to be a lawyer.

Now word is Laraquette is returning to court to lead a reboot.

The sequel follows the late Harold T. Stone’s daughter, Abby Stone, who will further her father’s legacy as presiding judge of a night court, according to Deadline. Fielding is described as “former prosecutor” in their announcement, though his exact role in court is as yet unknown. Larroquette earned four consecutive Emmy awards for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series for his portrayal.

Harry Anderson portrayed Judge Stone from 1984 until the show’s completion in 1992. Anderson died in 2018 from a stroke due to influenza and heart disease at the age of 65.

No word as yet if any of the other surviving cast members from the original series, including Markie Post, Charles Robinson, Marsha Warfield, and Richard Moll, will appear in any capacity.