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Matthew Perry’s ex says she got him drugs while pregnant


Matthew Perry and fiance Molly

Matthew Perry used to date a woman named Kayti Edwards back in the 2000’s.  After they broke up, they remained friends.  Now for some reason she’s airing his dirty laundry, just as he’s gotten engaged to gf Molly.   Bitter much?

The story goes that back in 2011 Kayti (btw, if you spell Katie this way, I will judge you) kayti was pregnant with

Kayti edwards

someone other than Perry’s child.   Since they were still friends, he would call her on occasion to get him his drugs.

‘He [would say], “No one’s going to pull over a pregnant girl. Don’t worry,”‘ she said.

‘He would set it up and say, “Ok, go to this address and meet this person, they’re going to come out and hand you a bag”. I’d drive straight to him.’

Edwards said when she got the bag of items ‘it was just like a smorgasbord’ of pills, cocaine and sometimes heroin and crack.

‘There were times I’d be like, “How can somebody do this much stuff and not die”,’ Edwards said, adding that ’80 Vicodin a day, that’s lethal’.

She also says that she delivered it to him on set at times and that he ‘wasn’t a functioning addict’ and ‘wasn’t fooling anybody’.

Katie (b/c I refuse to spell it the other way) says Matt was paying $3000-4000 a DAY to bring her the goods. Which is plenty of a reason for her to not stop doing it.

Perry, 51, who has been open about his addiction to alcohol and Vicodin, told People in 2013: ‘I couldn’t stop. Eventually things got so bad that I couldn’t hide it, and then everybody knew.’