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MK and Ashley Olsen brave the cold for outdoor dinner

It’s so rare you even see Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen.  The billionaire twins manage to keep a pretty private life, despite being so damn famous.

But I suppose this meal, eaten in the 40some degree temps in Manhattan last night, was a chance for the two to discuss Mary Kate’s impending court battle with her estranged husband Olivier Sarkozy.

 will be facing off with estranged husband Sarkozy on December 15 as they try to settle their divorce.

The focus of their court battle is their $13.5 million NYC townhouse, which they own together.

In Olsen’s divorce petition, which she filed in the New York Supreme Court in May, she claimed she had been effectively kicked out of their rented apartment.

But my focus would be on their 4,000 square foot Bridgehampton, Long Island home worth millions.  Get this, Sarkozy moved his ex-wife Charlotte Bernard, their two children and his mother into the Bridgehampton home, meaning Olsen could not stay there.  That’s bullshit, right there.