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Is Selena Gomez dating a Miami Heat player

Rumor mills be millin about the love life of Selena Gomez and a certain basketball player.  With gossip IG account Deuxmoi reporting the 28 year old Selena was seen dining with Heat player Jimmy Butler, 31.

One IG user who was dining at upscale French bistro Lucien in the East Village reported overhearing the wait staff scrambling after they received a call that Selena would be coming in with basketball players.

Another follower then sent a direct message after confirming the pair were dining together that has been circulating on Twitter that read, ‘Selena Gomez spotted w Jimmy Butler at Lucien. Seemed like a date.’

The message continued, ‘100% sure they were there together obvi I cant speak to if it was ACTUALLY a date, but they were together.’

Two days earlier another user on Twitter who claims to be have inside ties to the NBA wrote, ‘jimmy butler and selena gomez weird couple man.’  Listing his source as “Dude- Trust me”.