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Andy Cohen to host docuseries on the “Real” Reality TV

Bravo’s maestro of reality TV is Andy Cohen.  He’s the man who brought you every branch of Housewives you never wanted to see.  He’s also proudly wears the moniker of “America’s Top Gay,” which he received from the the Howard Stern Show.  And when he’s on Howards show (seriously, go listen to his interviews on youtube) he serves up sooooo much gossip.   And endless kettle of tea.

So of course he will  host and executive produce this series.

Set for spring 2021, he seven-part series is titled For Real: The Story of Reality TV and will see Cohen revisiting some of the most iconic moments from the genre and interviewing the stars behind those moments for the inside scoop.

Or, as Cohen says in a promo for the series, spilling the “reali-tea.”

“I’m thrilled to look back at the shows that formed my love for reality TV, and interview the icons of the genre,” says Cohen, who has an overall deal at the NBCUniversal cable network, in a statement on Sunday. “This series is like great candy!”

I’m legit excited.