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Pickle Rick is now ready for consumption

For those not living under a rock, Rick and Morty is an Adult Swim show about a crazy old scientist (Rick) and his gullible grandson (Morty) going on adventures that don’t make sense and appear to not need to.

In one episode, Rick was so determined to get out of family counseling he turned himself into a pickle.  Stuck like that for the day, he began a Scorsese like adventure that brought in huge ratings. So why not capitalize further!?

Truth, I’m stoked.  I LOVE pickles.  So this isn’t a leap for me.  Introducing….


“Adult Swim announced today they have partnered with MIRACLE SELTZER to produce a limited-edition Pickle Rick seltzer inspired by the Emmy award-winning series and global phenomenon, Rick and Morty.

The Pickle Rick MIRACLE SELTZER will launch in conjunction with this year’s global virtual Adult Swim Festival, streaming on the Adult Swim YouTube channel, Friday, November 13th and Saturday, November 14th, which also happens to be National Pickle Day.


The limited edition run of Pickle Rick MIRACLE SELTZER can be purchased at MIRACLE SELTZER, DashMart, Spencer’s Gifts, Extra Butter (NYC), Braindead Studios (LA), Sticky’s Finger Joint (NY/NJ), Burgerlords (Los Angeles), Hungry Ghost Press (Providence), and Fetch Park (Atlanta).