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Oliver Hudson share pics from the hospital

Oliver Hudson has informed his social media followers he was in hospital on Tuesday.

The actor, 44, took to Instagram and posted a selfie from his hospital bed as he appeared to be undergoing a scan.

The Rules of Engagement star did not say why he was there, however he hinted it wasn’t too serious by joking his stay was the result of the US presidential election.

Oliver, who is the son of Goldie Hawn and the brother of Kate Hudson, captioned the snap: ‘Election night!’

The Nashville actor was lying shirtless on a bed in the photo and also sported a face mask as his neck was scanned.

It comes after Oliver’s sister Kate previously told how the siblings had taken very different strategies to dealing with the coronavirus lockdown.  Saying Oliver was binge drinking.

She said: ‘I talked to my brother Oliver, [he] just went and started drinking like, every day. It was like a party for him. He was having Zoom drinks. And I was the opposite.

So it turns out Oliver was just get botox and some facial treatments.  Scream Queen? More like drama queen.

During a recent episode of his podcast with Kate, Sibling Revelry, Oliver revealed he has experimented with a number of anti-aging beauty treatments.

‘I did [the vampire facial], where they spin your blood and it was crazy,’ Oliver began. ‘He just took a needle and was squirting it all over my face. It was cold.’

As his skin was being refreshed, the Scream Queens star asked his doctor a ‘million questions,’ including: ‘How many celebrities have done this? Are there any other men who do this? Do you know celebrity men who have actually done this?’

Oliver, who saw Dr. Jason Diamond, said his dermatologist replied that it would ‘shock’ him to know how many male celebrities he does ‘sh*t to.’